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A Unique Model of Training...

george barna"My study of discipleship in America has been eye-opening. Almost every church has some type of discipleship program or set of activities, but stunningly few churches have a base of disciples."

The Center for Church-Based Training has designed a model of training that...

"increases people's participation in the church, to upgrade their ability to understand issues and make decisions from a biblical perspective. The primary objective of this process is to encourage people to think and behave biblically -- in other words, to adopt a truly biblical worldview."

--Except from the book "Growing True Disciples" by George Barna

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So, What's Your Worldview Of The Church?
Is It Truly Biblical?

Is your church actively and intentionally developing disciples for Christ and His Kingdom?

Does your church have a strategy for raising up leaders from within the congregation?

Is your church developing people who can tackle REAL-WORLD PROBLEMS and accurately apply biblical principles to solve them?

CCBT's Purpose Is To...Help and Encourage Your Church Leadership to Fulfill Their Equipping Role by:




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Centers of Church Based Training

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